TRAPS Institute visits El Paso, Texas

Texas Recreation & Park Society

In the profession, we travel between different cities each year to host the annual Texas Recreation & Park Society (TRAPS) Institute. This year, we took a trip out to West Texas and visited the booming city of El Paso. The city of El Paso, a population of over 649,000 hosted a five day institute and trade show for over a couple of thousand people.

ParksTRAPS is well know for showcasing the latest equipment out in the field to the best practices of how to program recreational activities with employees and participants. I visited many different sessions throughout the conference and can tell you that this was one of the best conferences in regards to variety of topics shared in a long time.

When you come to TRAPS, you come to network. You also come to learn how to present material to your teams back home in a creative way. One thing is for sure, no one city is exactly the same.

I have been coming to TRAPS since 2003. One of the great memories of coming to this conference is the ability to network with old friends I have graduated with over the years. TRAPS is a special organization. We have parks and recreation professionals from all over the State of Texas coming to attend each year. The sponsors and vendors of this conference help make it possible to showcase different equipment, technology, programming and much more. TRAPS raises money for students to attend each year and those opportunities are brought about through fundraisers hosted by the Texas Parks and Recreation Foundation (TPRF). We couldn’t have these conferences without the help of the vendors, TPRF and our recreation and park professionals.

Come check out more of the excitement by visiting the TRAPS website, Facebook and more! It was an outstanding time.

If you have not been to a TRAPS Conference, I would highly recommend going in the future. We just finished a week of fun that we can take back to our cities of employment.

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