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Have you ever heard of Toastmasters?  It has been a life changing.  You learn about yourself and the opportunity to grow in leadership and public speaking.  In October, 2018  it started with the idea of the City of Grand Prairie forming a Toastmasters club for the city employees.  We had about 15 interested to begin and then met for our first meeting.  We had the interest after a demo meeting from District 25 Toastmasters.

We worked on getting our club chartered with Toastmasters International.  Our club, Grand Orators Toastmasters chartered on December 17th, 2018.  The journey from where we started to where we are now is night and day.  It is excited to see the progress all of our members have had.

To learn more about our club, visit our website.  We also have many resources to where you get involved.  It is way more than just public speaking.  Think of Toastmasters as a stepping stone to learning productive and efficient habits for your everyday life.  Whether it is understanding how to run a meeting properly, to introducing speakers, to just feeling comfortable getting in front of a small group, Toastmasters is for you and you are never alone.

This club is made up of city employees from the City of Grand Prairie. Grand Orators is an open club which means we are open everyone, not just city employees. We value service, people, integrity and fun. We welcome all guests to join us for a meeting(s) and hopefully become part of Grand Orators when you are ready. This is a mid-week stress reliever for many of our members and it is important that the meeting be fun. While having fun, we also value the Pathways Program to help our members become everything they want to be in life. You will learn a lot about yourself each meeting.  We are there to help you reach your full potential as well as achieve your personal and professional goals.

Our meetings convene from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM. All guests are welcome! We encourage you to contact us for more information as we would love to get you plugged in.  You can always check our event calendar for location updates.

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Pathways Path #1: Leadership Development;

Level 1: Status: Complete
Level 2: Status: Complete
Level 3: Status: Complete
Level 4: Status: Complete
Level 5: Status: Complete
Path Status: Complete

Pathways: Path #2: Presentation Mastery;

Level 1: Status: Complete
Level 2: Status: In Progress
Level 3: Status: Not Activated
Level 4: Status: Not Activated
Level 5: Status: Not Activated
Path Status: In-Progress