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Remembering Our Roots

Remembering Our Roots

Over the course of my lifetime I have become more fond of history. Sometimes in life you get to a stage where you kind of miss the past, although you adapt to the future. Where has the time gone? I believe I say that every week now. In the age of social media along with the 24/7 of inter connectivity, we are a dialed in society.

I remember back like it was yesterday to when Facebook came to the scene. In the early 2000s, Facebook was originally (at least at that time) only available to college and universities where you had a student email address. It was a select segment of the population who had access to Facebook. Wow, have those times changed. “The Facebook” was the web domain in 2004. I actually did not remember that, but according to Britanica, that was the case.

Enough of the history lesson, but why are our roots important? For one, it’s our identity. It is the cosmetic makeup of who we are and what we are about. Going through college, I honestly did not know what I wanted to be. I am sure some would share the same thought. It is a time of discovery, a time to differentiate between passion and money. Sometimes it can be interconnected and sometimes we pick one or the other. Either way, choices are made in our lives that dictate the lives we live.

For those who know me, I have a lot of passion for people. It is the people that I run into daily that drive that passion up the charts that makes me want to do more. There is something rewarding about getting up each day and making it your own. You have the choice to be great. It is at your doorstep. Regardless of how much is on your plate, the perseverance of achieving your ultimate dream should be front and center. Life throws you many curves. I for one have been thrown a lot of curves in my personal development over the years. One thing is for sure, I haven’t given up. I continue that drive to achieve greatness. You have to ask yourself what is at your core, what in your heart do you want out of life? For me honestly, it is calm and happiness. One of those is already with me now and the other will catch up when I retire and slows down.

DiscoveryOur roots are important. I remember my past Park Director telling me to “never change who you are.” That statement has stuck with me for some time. For the longest time, I really didn’t think about it much, but at the half mark of my career, it finally has clicked to what he was referring to. I now see why he said that.

To put on your very best each day is to know yourself well. I am probably the most critical on myself because I want the best of every situation. If something doesn’t go well, I want to make it right. If individuals are arguing over something trivial, I find it important to mediate and solve the problem at hand. My profession has opened doors to many different types of situations where solving problems is the name of the game. Nobody said it would be easy, but tackling the problem head on has helped create closure on so many fronts.

I am an only child with a passion for recreation and the outdoors. 2019 has been a year of breakthroughs. I have never been a fan of new year’s resolutions. For me it hasn’t worked. I know some live by that. What 2019 has done so far this year is create a platform of self-discovery. I am a man of many talents. I owe a lot to my Junior English teacher at Richland High School back in the day when the internet was beginning to grow in the late 90s. I helped start the school’s first Internet Club. That is where the passion for website development began for me. The spark of something special that I look back today and realize helped pave the way to what I love. I love my roots. I love that I took that element with me 20 years later. That is awesome.

I know there are many out there that probably could look back at their roots and find something that points to a foundation which led to a passion many years later. Web Development was mine. It is a piece that stays with me. I am proud of it just as much as my current profession has done over the years. Don’t forget your past. Remember that something sparked leading you to do what you love. Some just went after the money and others went after their passions. There is no problem having both. Point being that each of us has something that drives the motivation. It takes some many years to get to the root of why we love what we love. I discovered that in me in 2019. It is a piece I will remember about myself forever. Take time to drill back to your roots. You built a foundation at one point. Never forget where you got your start. Remembering where our roots began is a central part of what “we ourselves” are about.