Grand Prairie, TX 75052

The Summit – An Overview

Credit: Grand Prairie Parks, Arts & Recreation Department

The Summit is my home away from home in Grand Prairie, TX.  Opening in May 2010, The Summit is home to more than 5,300 members and brings in almost 250,000 people annually through its doors.

When you come to The Summit, it is the feeling of a country club.  We offer fitness and aquatic classes along with your traditional senior activities including card games, shuffleboard and more.

You can see a more detailed page about The Summit, but what I will tell you is that the facility is one of a kind.  There are not replicable buildings like The Summit around the United States.  For me, it is special and hope you can come visit sometime.

The video on the right gives you a real nice look at what The Summit is like on a regular basis.  Credit to Richard Ray from Fox 4 News in Dallas for the amazing report. 

The Summit is comprised of 3 generations that for all coming with many exciting stories and challenges. This is by far one of the best stories on The Summit.

I hope you enjoy.

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