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Grand Prairie

Parks, Arts & Recreation

Grand Prairie has been an incredible place to work over my career there.  From the beginnings of my internship days while I was at Texas A&M to working the recreation centers and presently working at The Summit, there has been a lot I have learned. In my opinion, Grand Prairie is different than many cities.  I find it very diverse and a place with a great future.  As you go through I will share my journey in Parks and Recreation.

Certifications Earned

Certified Parks and Recreation Professional

Certified Parks & Recreation Professional
2009-Present | #10356031


CAPRA Accredited Department
2017-Present | Grand Prairie PARD


NRPA Gold Medal Winner – Grand Prairie, TX
2008, 2017

ActiveNET Project

In 2020, Grand Prairie Parks, Arts and Recreation began the transition of software systems. The department has moved over to the ActiveNET system.  I have put together trainings for this system for staff to get ready. You can visit the ActiveNET page here.

The Summit

The premier 50+ active adult center in the land.  My work home of the last 15 years and a lot of memories created throughout this journey. View more about The Summit.