Future Development in Grand Prairie, Texas

Future Development in Grand Prairie

We are in an amazing period of transformation in the City of Grand Prairie. I am now going on almost 14 years working for the city and I can tell you without a doubt, it is an exciting time. I can take you back in time to where the city center was only half of what it is now. Pioneer (303) was the dead end of the city when I began in my intern days. Now the city is about 30 miles long and about 8 miles wide. Pretty interesting shape for our city, but it is pretty cool.

Grand Prairie didn’t always have this growth period where we are now. For the longest time in our city, we did not have the best infrastructure. Getting around Grand Prairie was hard to do and had to do a lot of detours. We have a railroad crossing going through multiple intersections near the Hwy 161 and Jefferson Boulevard interchanges and a few other places going East and West. The infrastructure improved tremendously when Hwy 161 was being built through Grand Prairie. This allowed for a corridor to boost development.

Over the last 4-5 years, the infrastructure improved to a point where getting from North to South in the city got quicker, the multiple ways of getting across the railroads improved some and business began to come in.

I am in one of the premier areas of Grand Prairie in my opinion. Epic Central began with The Summit, where I work. In May 2010, The Summit came alive. This 60,000 sq foot facility is home to the first baby boomer and active adult center in the country. To this day, we have over 5,000 members and have consistently stayed around that number over the years.

In January 2018, we were fortunate to open our first indoor water park called Epic Waters. This 80,000 sq foot facility is just amazing. Epic Waters is open year around and has 6 gigantic water slides with some being the first of their kind in the country. If you get the chance, this is a must see park!

We recently opened The Epic in November 2018. This 120,000 sq foot facility is home to a laundry list of exciting recreational activities, life skill partnerships and $1 million worth of the latest fitness equipment that is in the market right now. This also is a must see attraction that will wow you! Many of the items in The Epic are not seen in many traditional recreation centers. The Epic has a recording studio, internet radio station, culinary kitchen, E-reader checkout, an Irish Pub called Crompton’s and much more. Check it out and come visit!

I can go on and on, but these are a few of the exciting elements that have brought a new chapter to Grand Prairie. It is an absolute privledge to work in Grand Prairie. Changing lives in the community has been the focal point of my journey in this profession of Recreation. I am proud of what I do, enjoy every minute putting my stamp on a place that has the potential to rise to amazing heights. You need to come check out all Grand Prairie has to offer.

In a future post, I will begin sharing about our adaptive playground going in around the corner from The Summit called PlayGrand Adventures. This is will be an historical moment for our region and will change lives for adults and children alike who have physical and mental challenges. It will be a game changer.

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