Don’t Tell Me You Can’t Do It

Don’t Tell Me You Can’t Do It

This past week I did a speech on practicing perseverance to achieve our dreams. In this world, many have to work hard to achieve this “dream” that they envision.* I am one of those who has worked for everything on my life’s journey.* Has it been hard?* You bet it has at times.* What you have to put into consideration is that dreams are benchmarks.* You have something you want so bad that you will do what it takes to get to that destination where you want to be.

The word “ can’t “ sets a limitation to hinder our dreams. Why do we do that to ourselves? I really started learning this year that you have the ability yourself to turn can’t into cans. Your mindset is your foundation and what you set your mindset to in life will help lead you to so many fruits on your journey. Now I am going to preface that not all fruits are positive, however, you need to take a step back from the situation when that comes and know that you can approach that situation to figure out what it will take to maneuver what is hindering your path.

Can’t is an excuse in my opinion. Now I am nowhere an expert on this, but I was told by a good friend that sometimes forks in the road and/or obstacles are a sign to take a pragmatic approach to things. Good dreams take work to achieve. I have been so fortunate to be in a career that allows me look at so many situations people are facing. Many I have no idea what journey they have been on, but know they have had obstacles and need a person to talk to.

Do you realize what the word “ can’t “ does to your ability to grow? It has a huge impact. It sets limitations. The mindset to persevere is one that removes those limitations/obstacles and allows you to find a way to get there. I talked before about my journey with Toastmasters and where it is taking me. Let me tell you it is opening doors to where I want to go in my life. Toastmasters in a way actually helps you work through those “ can’t “ moments by looking at your own skills and sharing new ideas of how to solve the limitation you are facing in a positive outlook.

You have to remember, only you can control what you want to do with your life. Taking risks is part of the game, but you are better for it. Go after your passions. This journey I am on did not happen overnight. Sometimes you have to remember that in life, obstacles turn into opportunities and opportunities turn into dream scenarios.

Challenge yourself and go after what you want in life. Life is too short and those “cans” you go after will open doors to more new opportunities than when you say “I can’t”. I thoroughly enjoyed writing this piece as my hope that inspires one to go after the dreams they want to achieve. You have to start somewhere. Don’t tell me you can’t do it, just look for ways you “can “ work around it!

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