Do You Have What it Takes? Sure You Do!

Do You Have What it Takes? Sure You Do!

As we progress through our lives, we receive challenges that sometimes are risky. Back in October 2018, a couple of city employees had the vision of beginning a new Toastmasters Club in the city. Although a club had been going for many years before, it didn’t get enough attendance and fizzled out.

When that opportunity came to be a part of developing a Toastmasters Club, I had no idea what I was getting into. Was I nervous? Oh yes, I was nervous because I had no idea what this road was going to lead me down. What did I know about Toastmasters going in? Pretty much no clue.

For those who know me on a daily basis, this year has been a start to something very amazing. Many times in life you are looking for something that adds spark. You also are looking for something that you can continue to build on. Toastmasters has met both of those criteria. In four quick months, I have developed a passion for the environment that I have been getting to know as Toastmasters.

You are probably wondering why I mention that? Toastmasters, at least the club I am helping to develop, is all about opportunity. Each person is on a journey for a particular reason whether it is about getting in front of groups, building confidence, working to slow their speaking, or all of those. The journey is different for each person and that is what makes it pretty cool. What we are building in Toastmasters is community. We all have a lot to learn, although we are ambitious to go after our goals and learn from others. Toastmasters is looked at as just improving public speaking. That statement is true, however, it is very misleading. Until you experience a meeting, or two or three, you realize that just isn’t the case.

I am realizing after going to meeting after meeting that I learning something new about myself. Sometimes I go in thinking I am going to improve this trait and that trait and it comes out to be something completely different. That is what is exciting.

Building something from scratch, in this case a Toastmasters club, is fun, rewarding and outside of my comfort zone. The curriculum that Toastmasters follows recently switched programs and our club is now on the new Pathways Program. We as a club are still learning it, but I found it to be a pretty easy follow. One thing is for sure, I am on the road to becoming a Distinguished Toastmaster. I don’t know when I get to that level, but I will get to that level.

We just introduced our new website and our club continues to grow. I can’t tell you how excited I am for what is coming ahead on my journey with Toastmasters. I get excited about it every week and it is a part of me now. I wish I got involved earlier, but I am here now and not going away.

Wherever you may be on your journey to find your passion, you need to find the formula to what will help you continue learning and apply that to your daily life. It is different for every person. Make 2019 a year for you. I will continue to share my journey on this website. I am that passionate about Toastmasters. If you are still looking, it is ok. When you do find it and you love what you are doing, it is a sign that it was meant to be. Do what you love and start your own journey to greatness!

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