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You may have heard the belief that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. We live in a society of optimism. It is great to dream and learn from others. The ability to have a brand new day and dream up ideas is what makes learning fun.

Michael is the biggest Aggie fan, former student and college football enthusiast. Texas A&M is a big part of his life. If you need more information to learn about Texas A&M, Michael is your contact. Check out some of the activity going on with Texas A&M.

Have you ever been to Grand Prairie, Texas? Grand Prairie was vote the best parks, arts and recreation department in the nation in 2017 and previously in 2008. Michael has been a long time employee of the City of Grand Prairie and has a passion for people. Check out what is going on in Grand Prairie!

Michael loves solving problems and learning new things everyday. He has compiled resources of some of the most interesting random topics going on. If you have a need for graphics, web development and/or videography you might want to get in touch with Michael. Topics on cryptocurrency are an intriguing topic that he will be sharing too. You just never know. Come check out the random topics of interest in the blog.

Any Toastmasters out there? Well, Michael is a member of Toastmasters through the city’s newly chartered club, Grand Orators. As the club is in its early stages, Toastmaster has become a huge part of Michael’s everyday life. Toastmasters is not just about public speaking, it is a way of life. Many life skills develop as a Toastmaster and here Michael will document his journey in Toastmasters. Check out the latest with the Club!